Industrial services

       Machining (processing of all kinds of details with a help of turning lathes, millers, boring machines, planning machines, gear treating coordinate machines, equipment with NC, machining centers, general-purpose grinding equipment; the greatest dimensions of processed details are (1000 х 1000 mm).
     Diecasting of metals (colour casting in sand mold, diecasting - the maximal weight of moulding is 6 kg.; investment casting, maximal weight of moulding is 3 kg). 
     Casting of plastic and rubber (plastic casting with injection volume from 63 up to 5000 cm3; pressing of rubber - maximal pressing force is 160 t; vacuum molding - maximum overall dimensions 1 х 1.5 m.). 
     Tool manufacture: manufacturing of complex moulds, casting molds, dies, cutting measuring tool.
    Stamping workshop: is equipped with crank presses with force from 16 up to 100 tons, coordinate-turret and programmed turret presses, hydraulic presses with force up to 250 tons.



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